Grafton 200 + Club

The 200+ Club was reincarnated in 1998.  It was once the 100 Club & before that it was the 50 Club!

Our aim is to raise the money for the hunt, whilst giving punters a fair chance to win their money back.  We sell each ticket for £20 (for the season) & each month we have a draw (usually the last Saturday of each month) for a variable (according to ticket sales) number of prizes.

This season, thanks to timely reminders, we are selling the tickets quite well.  The 1st draw will be at the GHSA champagne breakfast & then we will be drawing monthly prizes of 1 x £50, 1 x £30 & 1 x £25 throughout the season.  Of course the main attraction is the prospect of a massive £1,000 prize drawn at Christmas (depending on ticket sales).

Remember, you have to be in it to win it………so, if your letter is still sitting on top of the fridge or in your in-box on your computer, get it out/print it off, fill it in & send it with your cheque for £20 to me asap to

Jill Field, 4 Malus Fields, Pattishall, Northants NN12 8LF

The 200+ Club has proved a fun & relatively painless way to raise much needed funds for the hunt & I hope it will continue for years to come.


200 Club Draw Results

September 2019   £50 -  John Leadbeater   £30 - Charles Smyth-Osbourne   £25 - Wake and Chuff Adams

October 2019   £50 -  Mike & June Hawkins    £30 - Margaret Knight     £25 - Chris Henn

 November 2019   £50 - Jane Sawbridge   £30 - Dennis Blackwell   £25 - John & Sylvia Busby

 Christmas 2019   £1,000 -  David Tomalin

 January 2020   £50 -

 February 2020   £50 -  

 March 2020   £50 -