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As in the past, the aim is to have some more fun from our hunting days and to hold an end of season get together for those who have joined the Club!  We will also make a contribution to the Air Ambulance.

Adult tumblers will be asked to contribute £10 per tumble however it happens, or can take out £25 'insurance' for the season.  Under 16s (or rather their parents...) will be asked for £5 per involuntary dismount.

To make this work can you all please take this idea in the spirit it is intended - fun and honesty.  It will not be compulsory but no donations - no party for you .....

We already have some pledges for insurance.  We will set up a roll of honour on the hunt website so you can all see who will be at the end of season party!

You are welcome to pay any contributions in cash or cheque payable to the GHSA please or to be very modern ... send to the GHSA bank account 81154761, 40-19-07 marked Tumblers Club.

Hope you all have a fantastic season.

Date Tumbler
17-Sep Mark Richmond-Watson
  Charles Smyth-Osbourne
  Molly Manners
24-Sep Andy Deverall x 2
  Tom Leeming
  Molly Daniels
27-Sep Philippa Brown
29-Sep Philippa Brown
  Alice Brown
  John Thame
20-Oct Fiona Sinclair
22-Oct Marilyn Bane
  Anna Mackaness
25-Oct Jack Steele
  Henry Chapman
29-Oct John Brisby
  Abii Dowdy
  Millie Brown
1-Nov Melinda Taylor
5-Nov Toby Grafftey-Smith
  Ollie Southam
8-Nov Felicity Aldridge Newman
12-Nov Tom Upton
  Toby Grafftey-Smith
  Emma Deverall
  Fiona Berner
19-Nov Sophie Manners
  Sophie Richner
  Richard Scott
  Fiona Sinclair
  James Hartigan
26-Nov Gareth Thomas
  Ollie Southam
  Toby Steele
03-Dec John Brisby
  Beverley Soskin
  Olivia Sheppard
10-Dec Rachel Halvorsen
  David Mustow
17-Dec Alexandra Mackaness
  Beverley Soskin
  Claire Brisby
  Olivia Sheppard
24-Dec Colin Richmond-Watson
  Bert Bolton
  Ollie Southam
  Freddie Barlow
  Jeremy Pope
  Roger Brown
26-Dec Molly Daniels
  Lucy Karklis
  Emily Fleming
31-Dec Fred Thame
3-Jan Beverley Soskin
  Bert Bolton
7-Jan Thomas Sinclair
  Jonty Southam
10-Jan Henry Chapman
24-Jan Charles Smyth-Osbourne
28-Jan Harry Chapman
  Olly Southam
  Jon Mackintosh
31-Jan Joanna Smyth-Osbourne
  Lucy Yorke-Long
4-Feb Philippa Brown
11-Feb Mick Wills
  Olivia Hill
  Lottie Deverall
18-Feb Kelly Tomkinson
  John Brisby
25-Feb Kelly Tomkinson
  Nick Taylor
  Catherine Upton
28-Feb John Brisby
7-Mar Helen Newbold
11-Mar Bob Richmond-Watson
  Abii Dowdy
  Jane Bird

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