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Introduction to Hunting

The Grafton hounds meet every Tuesday and Saturday and occasional Thursdays during the season which lasts from September to March. 


Trail laying

While the Hunting Act (2004) remains in effect, the Grafton hounds hunt trails. These are laid, usually on horseback, so as to emulate as closely as possible coverts likely to be visited and lines likely to be taken by real foxes.

 Laying a trail

Following on foot or by car

It may come as a surprise, but nationwide there are more people who follow hounds on foot, by car or bicycle than follow on horseback.  The Grafton is no exception, with a thriving band of supporters and a warm welcome to anyone who would like to join for a day, or on a more regular basis.  

No prior arrangements are necessary, but if you would like further information or to be put in touch with someone who would act as a guide and a friendly face on your first day please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

A day following the hounds provides the opportunity for as much exercise as you wish to take, unparalleled access to the countryside and the spectacle of the hounds working in a natural environment. There is no charge, although a voluntary donation would of course be most welcome. 


Arrangements for 2014/15

We will be trail hunting four mornings a week during September and October then Tuesdays and Saturdays finishing in March 2015.

Great care must be taken not to park horse boxes and trailers on any village green, at road junctions or other places that might cause a hazard to other road users. Car followers are urged to stop or park sensibly and not to block the roads for passing traffic.

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