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GHSA proudly presents - Snow White, Six Dwarfs and a Leprechaun

Dress Rehearsal

Snow White, Six Dwarfs and a Leprechaun


Snow White, Six Dwarfs and a Leprechaun


Snow White, Six Dwarfs and a Leprechaun


If you would like electronic copies (FOC) please contact us with the picture number

If you would like a print they are available at special rates with 50% proceeds to GHSA


CD’s for the Panto can be bought for £8 each from Carol Nesbitt on 01280 850396 or cvnesbitt@yahoo.co.uk.  Orders before 13 February


The Cast


Snow White
Mary Bonner
Horse David Tomalin (front) Anthony Bonner (rear)
Huntsman Mick Wills (No surprise there!)
Maid Claire Harper
Queen Evalina Mike Sakkalli
The King
Mary Miller (dress rehearsal)
Charles Smityh-Osbourne (Friday)
Colin Richmond-Watson (Saturday)
Prince Rudd James Tomkinson
The Mirror Charlotte Burke
Doc Dan Branson
Grumpy Jason Mahon
Happy Benjie Nesbitt
Sneezy Greg Steele
Dopey Philip King
Bashful James Bonner
Sleepy Debbie Clarke
Understudy Claire Harper
Costumes Fanny Lees-Millais & Odette Dawkins
Horses Head Ted & Joyce (painted by Fanny L-M)
Props Fanny Lees-Millais & Odette Dawkins
Make up
Martha Sitwell, Carol Nesbitt, Tori Norman, Emily Fleming and
Fanny Lees-Millais
Stage Manager Freddie Nesbitt
Prompt & Curtain Mary Miller
Music Sue Doust
Drums Danny Norman
Director Prue Young







Photographs © Graftonwood
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